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Child’s Play

Children Diet 6 - 12 Years Old

The Child’s Play Meal Package (Children Diet Plan) is a convenient, no-fuss, healthy way to feed your child. By providing your children with the correct balance of fats, carbs and proteins you can ensure they grow up to be strong, healthy, disease free adults. This package is perfect for busy parents who struggle to find the time to cook, shop and prepare food for their children.

  • Ingredients: With a focus on low glycemic ingredients, blood sugar control and vitamin enriched snacks, your child will be able to concentrate better at school, achieve in class, on the sports field and feel satiated throughout the day.
  • Plans
    • HALF: 1 meal and 1 snack
    • FULL: 2 meals and 2 snacks
  • Meal options: The following options can help tailor the package to your child’s goals and preferences: Weight Maintenance, Weight Loss, Vegetarian, Allergy Specific – scroll down for more information.
  • Enjoy delicious variety: Thanks to our 20 day meal rotation, your child will never eat the same meal twice in one month
  • Customisation: If your child is are allergic to or does not like a certain food (e.g. tomatoes), let us know so we can exclude it from the meals.
  • Delivery: Meals and snacks are delivered to your door or can be collected on a Monday, Tuesday (Tuesday and Wednesday’s meals) and Thursday (Thursday and Friday’s meals). Delivery costs R9,99/km and is available within a 20km radius of the kitchen.

Note: If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please contact Alex or an ADSA Dietitian

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“Knowing I am feeding my son what is right for him and not having to worry about packing a school lunch and cooking dinner has taken such a weight off my shoulders. He loves the food and is always so excited to see what his meals are for the day. I can’t believe it has taken so long for a company like this to exist." Anna, Single Mom

Meal options

All packages come in the following options according to your goals and preferences:
  1. Weight Maintenance Calories are calculated so that your weight is maintained yet your health is optimized through the correct ratio of nutrients, vitamins and minerals).
  2. Weight Loss Calories are reduced in order to put the body in a deficit and burn fat while still providing you with the correct ratio of nutrients, vitamins and minerals)
  3. Vegetarian All ingredients can be exchanged to suit a vegetarian’s needs while still providing the correct ratio of nutrients, vitamins and minerals).
  4. Allergy Specific Let us know if you have any allergies and food intolerances and we will ensure your meal is free of the specified ingredients. Please: our meals and snacks are made in a kitchen with shellfish and nuts.
Note: If you have any questions please contact Alex, our Dietitan or make an appointment for a comprehensive assessment. Remember it is always better to have a full one on one consultation. Alex will direct you to the Daily Dietitan plan that is best suited to meet your individual goals with a few extra tips and guidelines.