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How it works

Simply follow these easy steps…


Select your personalised meal plan package according to your personal goals and dietary preferences.


Complete the in-depth online dietary and needs analysis form so that we can calculate exactly what you should be eating in order to get the results you want. An email will be sent to you with your results.



Schedule the duration of your meal delivery: 5 days, 10 days or 20 days, and select your start date. If you‘re going away, you can pause your meal plan, as long as you give us 48 hours notice.



Set your a delivery location. We currently deliver from our kitchens in Joburg and Cape Town. Delivery is charged at R9,99/km. Deliveries are every Monday (Monday’s meals), Tuesday (Tuesday and Wednesday’s meals) and Thursday (Thursday and Friday’s meals). For those of you who find it easier to collect your meals you may opt to collect your meals from our JHB (Craighall Park) or CPT (De Waterkant, CBD) collection spots from 11:00am onwards instead. Collection is free :)



Make payment via EFT.

How-it-Works-1EAT & ENJOY!

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday before 12pm, a bag will be delivered to you containing your daily quota of healthy food for that day and the next day.



Meals are hand delivered to your door by one of our drivers. Delivery hours are between 10:30 am and 12:00pm and the schedule is based on your area. Even though we will do our utmost to always get your food to your in time, our fresh fruit and veggies may arrive at our kitchen late, traffic is a reality, accidents do happen and people do get sick so please be patient with us if there happens to be a delay. Click here for more information on deliveries.



For those of you who find it easier to collect your meals we have collection points in Joburg (Sandton) and Cape Town (De Waterkant).

Daily Dietitian Delivery


Daily Dietitian Cooking at home
Cost per meal R98,67-R178,20 per day for the half package
R171,60 – R316,80 per day for the full package
Varies depending on whether you use all the food you buy (often there is wastage when foods pass expiry), where you shop and how exotically you like to eat.
Portion sizes Perfectly portioned meals and snacks contributing to a 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 or 2400Kcal per day diet. Portion sizes vary. Weighing food is frustrating, time consuming and often the calorific value of food is unknown.
Preparation time 1-2 minutes per meal (if it needs to be reheated). 9-16 hours per week on average. This does not include time spent shopping or cleaning up.
Ingredients Ethically sourced, organic, free-range and hormone free Most restaurants do not use top quality ingredients. When shopping “green foods” are often difficult to find.
Nutrition Nutritionally balanced. Perfect combinations of carbs, protein and fat individually tailored for you so you can achieve your goals. Unbalanced. Most restaurant and ready-made meals exceed recommended limits for calories, sodium and saturated fats.