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Meet The Team

Meet the team at Daily Dietitian

Meet the team

Alex RoyalAlex Royal

Alex is a sunblock obsessed, fun loving, trail running, surf seeker. Name a sport and she’s game! With a permanent smile on her face, Alex’s passion is to inspire people to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Having completed a BSc Biomedical Science, BSc Hons Environmental Science and Med Hons Nutrition and Dietetics, Alex is somewhat of an over-achiever. Luckily for us, she is keen to share her dietetics expertise and help make us healthy too! A quick tip: if you ever bump into Alex, be sure to offer her some seeds and nuts, she’ll be your friend for life. No wait; offer her seeds and nuts while she’s surfing. Now that’s a winning strategy!

Laura HooglandLaura Johnston

Obsessed with everything to do with nutrition, health and fitness, Laura is a bonafide wellness junkie. With a marketing background, Laura spent years in the Pharmaceutical industry where she came across complementary medicines and her passion for natural health was lit. Being the ultimate fussy eater, breaking out in cold sweats when faced with a social situation involving boerewors rolls and no salad/veggies, Laura makes it her mission to help people like herself function in this difficult world :) A quick tip: If you want to make friends with Laura just start a conversation about the latest food trends. Kombucha, activated almonds, kimichi, matcha…yeah that should do it!


The core of our business is food. It has to be healthy, delicious, ridiculously good looking and of course tailored to each individuals’ needs. Now it’s easy to explain, but have you ever tried to make gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, egg free vegetarian anything? Well, it ends up tasting and looking like cardboard! Luckily for you, all our chefs are artists in the kitchen and can make just about anything taste and look like it comes out of a Michelin star restaurant. Just name a dish and they can create it! We’ve tried throwing curve balls by asking our chefs to create weird and wondrous, healthy foods that no one can pronounce, yet they don’t bat an eyelid. It’s become a game really- what amazing meal idea can we throw at them now? We urge you to challenge them too if you dare?
Throw in an obsession with knives, culinary foam (say whereat?!) and a charm that has any foodie reeling and you’ve got a clear picture of our chefs.
A quick tip: Our chefs LOVE compliments. Stroke their egos and maybe they’ll throw a little extra something delicious into your meal next time.

WumDrop delivery guys

You know you are dedicated to your job when you manage to deliver hundreds of orders before 12:00pm everyday and don’t stop to take a bite or even sample a little taster from any of the meals. We certainly wouldn’t be able to resist the lingering smell of delicious food the whole morning, let alone deliver your meals with a smile on our faces! WumDrop delivery guys are nothing short of spectacular. With their dazzling smiles, quick wit and amazing traffic dodging abilities, they are an integral part of our team. A quick tip: the nicer you are the more food you get… Just kidding, your meals are catered specifically and scientifically to your needs remember? Don’t try and coax the WumDrop guys into giving you someone else’s order- it won’t work. I’d like to see you explain to “hangry” dieter why her lunch didn’t arrive!