Dietitian Leigh-Ann joins the Joburg Daily Dietitian team

October 6, 2015

Hey Joburg, We’ve got some great news…Leigh-Ann Silber has joined the Daily Dietitian team! Yes she’s experienced, yes she’s smart and yes she’s gorgeous. Wow, what a combo! To give you a little more background, Leigh-Ann is a registered dietitian and nutritional consultant, with over 16 years’ experience. She is passionate about nutrition and wellness […]

Daily Dietitian Catering

July 6, 2015

Daily Dietitian Catering Daily Dietitian is the perfect blend of deliciously tasty food with health conscious ingredients. All of our ingredients are sourced from the freshest suppliers, are organic, non-GMO, free range, and seasonal. We don’t use any sugar, preservatives and artificial ingredients in any of our meals and try to be as environmentally friendly […]


May 12, 2015

At Daily Dietitian we believe in balanced, healthy living. We also believe in making life easier for you! As such we’ve found some like-minded people at BODYTEC® who can help you get your fitness strength training on track. In just 20 minutes BODYTEC® is able to work your entire body! How amazing is that? Imagine training for less […]

Protein Shakes and Superfoods: Free from Dairy, Gluten, Preservative, Colourant and Artificial Sweetener

April 1, 2015

Hello health nuts! We know how difficult it can be to have a healthy breakfast on the run which keeps you full for hours and tastes great too… Luckily we have the perfect solution for you! Daily Dietitian has collaborated with the amazing Barre Body to offer you these incredibly high quality, protein and superfood shakes. […]