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Making healthy eating easy and delicious, Daily Dietitian is the premium choice for quality, freshly delivered meals which support your health goals.

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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Dietitian Formulated

Portion controlled, healthy meals and snacks formulated by dietitians

Ethically Sourced Food

Ethically sourced organic (where possible), free-range and hormone-free ingredients

Saves Time and Energy

No meal planning, shopping, preparation, cooking or cleaning up

Our Mission

We have two missions: to provide you with delicious, top quality food that is good for you; and to give you more time in your day to do what you love. 

We believe food should be delicious, enjoyable, and nourishing and thus we pack our meals with as much flavour and as many nutrients as possible. 

We believe that the food we eat can have a powerful effect on our health, which is why we are committed to using 100% fresh ingredients that are minimally processed, seasonal, organic where possible, free range, sugar, trans fat and hormone free. Simply put, this is food you can trust.

We choose ingredients for their functional role, as well as for their taste, look and feel. We are committed to tailoring your meals to your unique preferences and needs. Whether you have a medical illness, allergies, intolerances or specific food preferences, we make it our mission to create the perfect diet for you. 

We also believe in freedom and we think people deserve more of it.

We want people to experience a little more life and do more of what they love. By taking over the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, we save the average person up to 15 hours a week! That’s over a month or 760 hours a year that you could be out pursuing your passion. Go have fun and let us feed you!


Here’s what our clients have to say about us

I can highly recommend Daily Dietitian.  It has saved me time and money and the food has been delicious.  Portions are very well priced and there is no wastage, hence the saving in the long run.  I have also lost weight since I started as the meals are well balanced and I don’t feel deprived at all.  I have also learned a lot about correct portion size.  Doing the FODMAPS diet has reduced my IBS remarkably.

Glennys Stewart

Daily Dietitian not only saves me time and my wife’s sanity, but the meals are very tasty, a large variety, cost effective, balanced and has helped me to maintain my weight. It would be amiss of me not to state what a fussy eater I am, no chicken, no ostrich, no this, no that! Daily Dietitian has taken everything in its stride and does not repeat a meal in a month. This is probably the greatest achievement.

Philip Hoff

Wow! What a truly satisfying tasty meal I just had for lunch.  Makes me look forward to my lunches for the rest of the week. Thank you for this ‘grand’ service.

Nobe Sithole

Pickup Locations

Please note: Meal packages run from Monday to Friday only.

Cape Town

Southern Suburbs:
36 Palmyra Road, Claremont. See Map.


Impala Fruit and Flower, 101 Lancaster Ave, Craighall Park. See Map

Cafe Zing, 21 West Road South, Morningside. See Map


Summit Place Office Park, 221 Garstfontein Rd, De Beers, Pretoria, 0181
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